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Bible Reading Plan

Fall 2020

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Assassination, idolatry, child-sacrifice, revival, war, miracles. All these, and so much more, are what you will find in the story of 1–2 Kings. Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is not for the faint of heart!

Join us this semester as we read through these historical books from the Old Testament. As the name of the book suggests, 1–2 Kings is all about, well, Kings! The books of Kings continue the story of kingship from the books of 1–2 Samuel, but the story quickly gets complicated.


It is not long after the death of King Solomon, David’s son and heir to the throne, that the nation of Israel descends into civil war and splits into two nations—Israel in the north, and Judah in the south. The books of Kings chronicle the royal lines of each nation, tracing the deeds and accomplishments of each king.


As the story progresses, there are good kings, bad kings, and just downright ugly kings—not ugly in appearance, but rather ugly in terms of their actions and legacy. The nation of Judah is lucky enough to have a small handful of good and godly kings who followed God and led the people to do the same. Sadly, many of the kings for both Israel and Judah do not live up to the standard that King David set, in fact they fall quite short of what a king is supposed to be. God, however, does not fall short of who he is, and sends messengers—like Elijah and Elisha—to bring the people back into relationship with him.

            As you read through 1–2 Kings, you will not only be prepared for each Sunday of our “Days of Elijah” sermon series, but you will be challenged to examine your own legacy and walk with God in light of the kings of Israel and Judah. Come learn about the kings of old, who point ahead to the ultimate King—Jesus.

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