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Our History

South Calgary Community Church began as a “church plant” of North American Baptists in the summer of 1970, just as what was at that time the south end of Calgary (north of Fish Creek) was developing. Two brothers – Frank and Ferd Berg – , their families, and volunteers from other city churches started canvassing neighbourhoods and inviting people to meet with them.

The church started holding services in September 1971 in St. Catherine’s Elementary School in Canyon Meadows and over the next years the growing congregation moved to a variety of larger schools in the area. The growing congregation purchased five acres of land in 1977. With a great deal of sacrifice and ‘sweat equity,’ the young congregation built a church building in 1978. Services were first held at the current site in March 1979.

Stable and consistent pastoral leadership has been an important factor through the years of establishing and growing South Calgary. SCCC’s first pastor, Frank Berg, had a powerful gift as an evangelist and desired a community-oriented, people-caring church. The church grew and flourished under Frank’s dynamic leadership. Frank remained as Senior Pastor until December of 1984.

Frank’s brother, Steve Berg, came on staff in the summer of 1983, and became Senior Pastor and then took over as Senior Pastor in  1984.  Steve was a compassionate and caring leader with a gift for preaching, counselling and pastoral care. Steve led the church in a number of bold new initiatives, the most significant being the merger of South Calgary with another congregation, Faith Baptist Church, in 1990.  From 1990 to 1995, Steve co-pastored SCCC with Jim Wallace, the former pastor of Faith Baptist. Steve and Jim had a powerful, city-wide ministry of unity, prayer, and Spirit-led revival. Steve left SCCC in 1996 after feeling a call to enter politics.

Beginning in February 1990, Jim Wallace served as Senior Pastor of SCCC — first with Steve Berg and since 1996, by himself. Jim continued the pattern of bold, Spirit-led change that has marked SCCC for the decade of the 90′s. Under Jim’s leadership, SCCC moved to a creative, contemporary style of worship and adopted a relational, grace-filled, seeker-friendly approach to outreach. Jim left SCCC in August 2005 to pursue higher education opportunities. Through late 2005 and early 2006, Interim Preachers Rev. Lou Leventhal and Dr. Gordon Dirks encouraged and taught the congregation through a time of waiting and transition.

In January 2007, George Ridley began as Senior Pastor. He continues to build on the deep roots of our history, while leading South Calgary into a season of renewal.  New opportunities for International Ministry began in 2007 with the influx of Brazilian and Russian families. In June of 2007 weekly services began for Brazilian/Portuguese-speaking people, and in December of 2007 weekly services began in the Russian language.  In the spring of 2012 God provided the opportunity to begin a Hispanic Service.

SCCC is a church that is willing to take risks. We passionately seek to hear and obey God, even if it means that we try and fail. We gladly embrace all types of people and are not restrictive because of social status, economic condition, age, race, gender or religious background. We actively reach out to other churches and denominations to build bridges of love, co-operation and unity.

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