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A Season of Compassion

Over the years, SCCC has often extended a helping hand through our Compassion Ministry.

South Calgary’s umbrella of the Compassion incorporates emergency compassion needs, Christmas hampers, the Chad Patterson Memorial Camp Fund and, in the past, the Bethlehem Room.

‘Need’ is always present and unexpected emergencies arise. We respond when able to offer support with groceries, clothing, or a household expense to help encourage individuals and families in need.

Christmas Hampers are gifted each December to families referred to South Calgary by an agency, school, or from the English, Hispanic, and Russian language ministries. In 2020 we could not assemble and deliver a physical food hamper to each household. Instead, our hamper was a $150.00 grocery store gift card delivered with a Christmas greeting from you, the congregation of South Calgary.

This year (2021) we will again deliver a grocery store gift card to hamper recipients. Are you aware of a family or individual who would benefit from receiving one of our 2021 hampers? Call the office with your referral.

The Chad Patterson Memorial Camp Fund offers children and youth with limited funds the chance to enjoy a camp experience. A camper’s basic fees for lodging and meals are covered for a Christian camp, Special Needs camp, SCCC Day Camp or Youth Retreat.

The Bethlehem Room, active for so many years, was shut down due to Covid restrictions and safe-distancing protocols in 2019. Currently, we respond to food insecurity needs from available funds in the Compassion Fund.

This November and December there are three ways to support South Calgary’s Compassion ministry:

  1. On any Sunday, include the Compassion Fund in your offering. Designate your gift as ‘compassion’.

  2. On Nov 21st & 28th, gift an offering to our 2021 Christmas Hampers. Designate your gift as ‘hamper’.

  3. Volunteer to deliver Christmas hamper envelopes to homes between December 15-18th. Contact the office with your availability to deliver Christmas envelopes.

For your information, donations to Compassion needs and Christmas Hampers are administered through specified funds, separate from the regular offerings and church budget. We encourage you to give in addition to your regular tithes and offerings to these funds. Donations to “compassion” or “hamper” can be designated on your offering envelope or on-line giving. Remember to use the full name ‘South Calgary Community Church’ on your cheques.

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