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Baby Bottle Campaign

in support of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre

The 2021 Baby Bottle fundraising campaign has come to an end. They have already raised more than $79,000, with more donations still coming in.

The Baby Bottle Campaign website will remain active for the remainder of June. If you didn't get a chance to donate yet, you may do so online (see the link below).

If you brought a baby bottle home to fill, please return it to the church office as soon as possible. We need to send them back to the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre.

Every small donation to the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre adds up to big changes in the lives of women and young families in our community. Your participation is invaluable to the Centre and the clients they serve.

The Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre is a non-profit charity offering pregnancy and family support for those in challenging situations. They have been caring for women, youth and families since 1985.

Thank you for your support!


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