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Changes in the Hispanic Ministry

Hello everybody,

Since September 2019, the Hispanic Ministry of South Calgary has opted to become an independent organization and have been trying to get all the paperwork done for starting their own church.

At the end of July of this year, the leaders of the Hispanic Ministry had a friendly meeting with our board of Elders and informed us that they are no longer going to be using our facilities at South Calgary for their services. Their last service was on this past Sunday (August 21st ).

Pastor Antonio is in Toronto extending his education and getting prepared to plant more Hispanic churches in Canada, while Samuel Collazo has become the new pastor for the Hispanic Ministry.

They have been part of South Calgary for over 10 years, and we were honoured to be part of this process with them. We pray that the Lord may continue to bless them and that many others will come to know Jesus Christ through their ministry.

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