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Community BBQ

Join us for our 4th Community Dinner (BBQ) hosted by the Missions Team on Thursday, May 30th, at 5:30pm. This time, we're opening our doors wider – everyone is invited! Register your attendance <check bellow>. This event isn't just about food; it's an outreach opportunity to connect with our Cedarbrae neighbours. Check how you can help…

Your Missions team are excited to host our 4th Community Dinner (BBQ) on Thursday May 30th at 5:30pm.

We would like to do things differently this time. Everyone is invited to the BBQ!

Please register your attendance by choosing one of three ways:

(1) Sign up online <click here> OR

(3) call the church office at 403 281 6755.

This is an outreach opportunity to invite our Cedarbrae neighbours to eat and engage in conversation with us all. This means that you are invited as a “CHRISTIAN WITH A MISSION”, to purposefully go up to someone you have not seen before and engage in conversation to make them feel welcome. The vision is to share our love for Jesus and you can do that by talking about how He has changed you and your life for the better.

We will still have assigned people in host roles (arrive at 5pm) even though everyone will be acting as hosts. Please consider signing up for this role or to help out in other ways by checking out the sign up lists in the foyer.

We are also kindly asking for monetary donations ahead of or on the day of the BBQ to cover food and running costs.

Your Missions team are: Sarah Blackmore, Derik Simpson, Stephen Blackmur and Yesenia Slobodian. Contact us at


CLICK HERE to let us know you are coming to the COMMUNITY BBQ.


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