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Discipleship Classes

We are thrilled to be restarting our Discipleship Classes. Read more...

As we have done before, we will be offering the same class twice per week, on Mondays at 3 PM and on Thursdays at 7 PM, so you can choose a day that better fits your schedule. The classes will be in-person only.

As we have been often talking about discipleship as our mission in South Calgary, you may be wondering... how do I start discipling someone? How can I explain the basics and most important truths of Christianity to someone? That's why the title of our first class of the Semester will be HOW TO DISCIPLE?

I would like to introduce to you a discipleship resource that we have been using for quite some time already, and it has been proven to be very efficient in explaining the biblical truths of Christianity to anyone who wants to hear.

You can choose to attend our first class on Monday, October 3rd at 3 PM, OR on Thursday, October 6th at 7 PM. If you are planning to come, please register <click here to register>

We plan to cover many other subjects in these coming weeks. We also want to talk about topics related to apologetics, worship, salvation, and more.

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