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Camp for Families

This summer Camp Caroline is opening the camp to families of all stages and ages wanting to getaway together!

These getaways will be different than our regular family camps or retreats. Families will set their own daily schedules. We will not be able to offer childcare or programming for just children/youth. Everything will be based on families being together as a household group. Families will be able to spend their days around camp or go on day adventures (exploring, hiking, swimming, rafting, etc....).

Families can book either a 4-night getaway (Wednesday to Sunday) or a 2-night getaway (Friday to Sunday). During their getaway they will stay in Aspen Ridge or Hillside Lodge. Families will also have the option of purchasing meals, and we will offer limited activities. The health and safety of families and staff will be of the highest priority to us. We are committed to following public health guidelines and working with Alberta Health to protect families and staff.

For more information visit our website:

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