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Helping Irving

Hello South Calgary. Yesenia Slobodian is sharing a letter with us about a man called Irving.

Dear South Calgary,

I would like to share the story of a remarkable human. I heard his story through my sister and became acquainted with him via video call in Mexico. His situation has really touched my heart, and I'm hoping that yours will too.

Irving Davila used to work as a carpenter for a renovation company. A workplace accident involving his foot, along with pre-existing diabetes, resulted in the amputation of his foot, blindness, and his loss of sight.

These misfortunes, along with the toll from the pandemic, created a tumultuous life at home and in the family resulting in separation from his wife and daughter.

Unable to work, Irving was homeless until his kind friends found him accommodations. Through his local church, generous and kind community members have been supporting him with funds for rent and living expenses.

I'm deeply moved by Irving's situation and would like to help him. If you are interested in helping, please talk to me this coming Sunday.

Thanks in advance,

Yesenia Slobodian

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