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Helping Ukrainian Families

Do you have furniture, clothes, or utensils to donate? Check here how you can help!

Recently we have often been asked by members of South Calagy about how to help Ukrainian Families. Some have furniture to give away, while others have clothes, shoes, articles for decoration, kitchen utensils and other useful items in general.

We have been storing some of these items at the Nagel House and our Russian Language Ministry is organizing the distribution according to the needs of each family.

However, we have limited space to store all articles destined for donation. If you have something you believe that would be useful for a newcomer family, please email the church office at, with a picture of what you are planning to donate. We may ask you to hold your items with you if we don't have the proper space to store them or if don't have the need for those items at the moment.

Please don't bring items for donation to the church without informing the office and dropping them at the church's foyer.

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