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Important Voting Information that requires your attention

Due to public health orders related to COVID-19, SCCC (South Calgary Community Church) has been holding various congregational meetings using Zoom conferencing technology. A show of hands has been the style we have successfully used for voting so far.

This style, however, does not allow us to vote on certain matters that require the use of a ballot. Such matters usually require ballots to ensure anonymity, integrity, and confidentiality. One such matter is that of inviting a person to be the Senior Pastor of SCCC.

On May 9 2021, the Elders unanimously recommended that SCCC invite Sam Medeiros to be its Senior Pastor. To allow members to cast ballots confidentially, SCCC will be using an electronic voting solution. This solution will ensure that all voting is anonymous. The voting solution is being provided by Election Runner (

Craig Edwards, Chair of the Elders, is the administrator for the account.

Each active member on SCCC’s membership roll has provided an email address. Some members may share the same email address. However, each active member will receive, via email, a unique link to log in and vote. For example, even though a husband and wife may share an email address, they will receive 2 emails, one addressed to the wife and the other to the husband. Each email will have their own unique link. Links cannot be shared or forwarded. Once a link has been opened for voting and a vote has been submitted, the vote cannot be changed and the link cannot be used again. The link can be opened on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

It’s important to note that no-one, including the administrator, is able to tell how a member voted. This ensures that the vote is totally anonymous.

In order to make this process as seamless as possible, we will be sending out a test ballot with sample questions to the email address of each active member. It is important that you watch and take advantage of this opportunity to become familiar with this process. You should receive an email from Election Runner with the test ballot by Sunday June 6 2021. If you have not received an email by then, please contact the church office on Monday June 7 so that you don’t miss out on the actual vote.

You’ll receive a second email with a link to the actual motion and vote after June 7. Check the voting instructions and the voting window noted in that email.

As always, contact the church office if you have any questions.

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