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Joy All The Time

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Sermon from Pastor Russ Falk | Worship leader: Tawnya Hons

Passage: James 1:1-18

This is week 1 of our new sermon series in the book of James called Faith All Over The Place!

Today we will be talking about JOY.

The book of James starts off with a bang. He has the audacity to tell us that we should see trails as occasion for great joy. That's right. The hard times of life should be seen with pure joy.

The Bible is a crazy book, isn't it?!

Joy when things in life are going well might be difficult enough. But joy when facing difficulties, trials, and hardships?

That seems, well, impossible.

And yet, that is what we are told.

So how can we have joy when facing difficulties? How can we turn hard times into good times?

James chapter 1 tells us how we can have joy all the time, and that is what we are going to explore together this morning.

Video will be available Sunday, September 19th at 10:15 am

Do you know you can watch this service directly from Youtube on your Smart TV? Search for the Youtube Channel South Calgary Community Church on your TV's Youtube App.

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