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Launching our New SCCC Website

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I have never thought that I would be so thankful to the Lord for a piece of technology like a website. But I am! This whole week has been full of challenges and a steep learning curve in technological issues.

We are officially launching our South Calgary website at (note that our OLD website is still operational at

It is not fully finished yet, as we plan to add some new features in the coming days.

Our Online Sunday Services will take place every Sunday at 10:15 am. on the 'Online Services' section of our website. Just in case you missed our 10:15 Service, you will be able to watch it later any time that is more convenient to you. The video will remain on our website even after Sunday.

As I had said before, all the other meetings, as leadership meetings, Bible studies classes, and other meetings that will demand people interaction, we are planning to adopt a communication platform called Zoom. Besides their website (, they have a pretty good mobile app. Give a try!

See you 'virtually' tomorrow. :D

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