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New Sermon Series at SCCC

Just to give you the heads up. This Summer we will be spending some time on the book of Psalms. Our new sermon series will be called "Songs for the Summer".

We are not preaching each and every chapter, but rather a collection of some of the most central chapters in this book.

One of the challenges and joys of preaching is working through different genres of Scripture. Paul’s epistles are very different from John’s Apocalypse—and these are even more different from Old Testament historical books, law, and wisdom literature. Each genre is inspired and thus authoritative and profitable, but they are each quite distinct. So, in order to keep our hermeneutic muscles in good shape and to help our church to develop the desire to explore the entire Bible, we generally try to rotate between various genres of Scripture.

The book of the Psalms is actually a collection of 150 different psalms, poems, prayers, and hymns written by several authors throughout Israel’s history. Martin Luther called the book of Psalms a “mini-Bible” because it beautifully comprehends nearly all the rich contours of all the Scriptures. For example, the Psalms include an overview of salvation history from the creation of the world to Moses giving of the Law at Sinai, the establishment of the temple and Israel’s exile due to her idolatry, and the great hope of the coming Messiah and his redemption of all things.

Below you find a video from the Bible Project about this precious book.

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