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No Risk, No Gain

Sermon from Pastor Sam | Worship leader: Lee Janzen

Passage: Matthew 25:13-30

The 'Parable of the Talents' is the last story in a series of three, which Jesus gave His disciples to illustrate what he meant by the command, "Be Alert".

Jesus tells a story of a master who was leaving his house to travel, and, before leaving, entrusted his property to his servants. ... The property was was a significant amount of money.

Two wise servants knew the heart and mind of their Master and met His expectations duplicating His investments. At the same time the third servant had not acted wisely.

How can we imitate these two wise servants in our life? How can we avoid the mistakes and omissions of the third servant? How can we get from the Lord the "Well done, good and faithful servant!... Share your master’s joy.’?

Reflection Questions
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Video will be available Sunday, January 17 at 10:15 am

Do you know you can watch this service directly from Youtube on your Smart TV? Search for the Youtube Channel South Calgary Community Church on your TV's Youtube App.

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