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Online Services and Technology Questions.

Hello again Everybody, I hope all of you are safe, healthy and doing your part. :D I am writing to you again to explain our plans related to technology and our online services. This whole week I have been working on our NEW website and adapting it to our new needs. Our website will use the same address ( However, please note that our OLD website will still be operational for a couple more days, but it uses a slightly different domain name, which is (note the number 2). Please, be sure that you are in the right address. I have added a screenshot of the website (bellow) of how it looks today. If you can see that image, it means you are in the right place. I am planning to launch the new website by any time tomorrow (Saturday, March 21), removing it from ‘maintenance mode.’ Why is the new website so important? Well, this will be our place to go for services online, news, information, help needed, Bible Studies, and many other features that we are going to include in the next days. We will continue to send regular emails, but the website will offer more benefits than just emails. Also, on our website, we are adding new options for offerings and tithes online. There you will find all the necessary instructions on how you should proceed to donate to SCCC. Just a word of caution... I became aware of a scam happening these days, that some people are trying to impersonate a church or charity, asking for money. So, be aware that we are NOT going to send any email of this kind. If you receive a suspicious email, please let us know immediately. In terms of online meetings, we are planning to adopt a communication platform called Zoom. They have an app (Zoom App) that can be downloaded to your phone, and we can have multiple people connected in a single meeting. Again, for our Online Services, the main place to go will be our website. I also would like to ask you to be patient and understanding if something doesn’t happen the way you expected. We are all learning how to make things work in these ‘new normal’ circumstances. Please keep us in your prayers.

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