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Optical Illusions

Sermon from Pastor Russ Falk | Worship leader: Tawnya Hons (songs below)

Passage: Psalm 73

Have you ever had your eyes play a trick on you?

Sometimes this is called an optical illusion—when our eyes perceive something differently than it really is.

Our Psalm today is written by Asaph, and Psalm 73 is his story of a spiritual optical illusion.

Asaph’s eyes were tricking him, and he couldn’t figure out how to fix it!

Not knowing how to fix it led Asaph to a pretty dark place in life, but don’t worry, like all good stories this one has a happy ending.

The turning point for Asaph came when he started looking at things from a different perspective.

What perspective?

Well, that’s for us to discover in Psalm 73.

Video will be available Sunday, August 14 at 10:15 am

Do you know you can watch this service directly from YouTube on your Smart TV? Search for the YouTube Channel South Calgary Community Church on your TV's YouTube App.

Songs this week:

O Church Arise, Keith and Kristyn Getty

In the Sweet By and By, Hymn

It is Well, Hymn

Psalm 62

Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me

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