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Paying CLOSE Attention

Sermon from Pastor Sam Medeiros | Worship leader: Kevin Phillips

Passage: 1 Timothy 4

This Sunday, As part of our sermon series "Fighting the Good Fight", we will be giving a closer look at 1 Timothy 4.

In this chapter, Paul adverts the young Timothy (v16) to pay close attention to his life and his teaching. Paul stresses the importance to stick to the sound doctrine and keep exercising in studying God's Word, putting into practice everything that Timothy had learned.

On the other hand, in this chapter, we have another group of people that paid attention to wrong and deceitful teachings, which lead them away from the faith. How can we avoid this to happen? How can we develop discernment to avoid being deceived and focus on the right teachings in life?

Video will be available Sunday, May 15 at 10:15 am

Do you know you can watch this service directly from YouTube on your Smart TV? Search for the YouTube Channel South Calgary Community Church on your TV's YouTube App.

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