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Restriction Changes

Hello South Calgary Family,

As you know, Alberta entered Stage 3 today (July 1st). All public health measures have now been lifted except for isolation/quarantine requirements and masking requirements in health care settings and public transit.

However, even that the Alberta Government has removed the restrictions on masks, the City of Calgary has extended this requirement until July 5th. Therefore we will need to use masks for this coming Sunday, July 4th. We also, for this coming Sunday, will ask you to pre-register to attend the in-person service.

The good news is that masks and pre-registrations will NOT be necessary after this coming Sunday. Nevertheless, if you feel more safe and comfortable in using a mask, please do so. After all, you may be close to someone that is part of a high-risk group and needs to be protected.

We also want to ask you to stay home if you have a fever, cough, or other covid-like symptoms. It's better to be safe than sorry.

You also could be wondering about other ministries of South Calgary. Are we going to restart everything again after Stage 3? And the short answer to this question is: Not yet! Ministries will return gradually, and we will carefully consider ministry by ministry. Since we still will have a certain number of church members that will choose to remain home, that can affect the number of volunteers we have available for each ministry. So, please be patient. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom in all the upcoming decisions. We hope that by September, the Lord willing, we may have some of our ministries back to action.


Pastor Sam

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