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Set the Table for Christmas

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Over the years, SCCC has often extended a helping hand through our Compassion Ministry — Christmas hampers, and emergency compassion needs. ‘Need’ is ever present, and unexpected emergencies do arise.

South Calgary continues to receive referrals from agencies, schools, and our English and Russian language ministries for individuals and families who need food support. December offers us a unique opportunity to encourage each household with a grocery gift card.

We have moved away from a physical food hamper to gifting a ‘grocery card’ so each household can purchase the food and other items they most need. Each delivery is a hand-delivered Christmas greeting from you, the congregation of South Calgary.

If you are aware of a family or individual who would benefit from receiving our support of a grocery card, please call or email the office with your referral.

Here are three ways to support South Calgary’s Compassion ministry:

  • On Sunday Nov 27 and Dec 4, give a donation to the Christmas Hampers in your offering. Designate your gift as ‘hamper’.

  • Volunteer to deliver 1-2 Christmas cards between December 15-17. Contact the office with your availability to deliver these gift cards.

  • Include the Compassion Fund in your regular offerings. Designate your gift as ‘compassion’.

For your information, any offerings to Compassion needs over-and-above your regular tithes are also eligible for a receipt. At any time, donations to “compassion” or “hamper” can be designated on your offering envelope or on-line giving transaction. Remember to use the full name ‘South Calgary Community Church’ on any cheques.

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