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Songs We're Singing

We will be posting the YouTube links for the songs we're singing each week in the worship service at the bottom of each date's website post.

It is wonderful to sing together songs that remind, teach and glorify God. The worship team spends time prior to the service they are leading listening to links of the songs and practicing. I have found enormous benefit for myself in being able to sing the songs every day. I learn more about what the songwriter was saying. I meditate on something from God's word in the song. Best of all, I find myself humming and singing the songs as I walk, or do dishes or drive here and there.

If you would like to sing along more, please go to the South Calgary Community Church website. Go to the Online Services and select which service you would like to find songs for or from. At the bottom of the post for the service, we will put a Youtube link for each of the songs. The first date with these links available is Sunday, July 3 (if you liked the new songs, head there for a listen to the original versions).

We are looking at ways to create playlists that can be shared for Spotify or Apple Music, or other streaming services. If you are interested in receiving music links this way, or would like to help make the lists please email Tawnya at

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