Thanks from the Ridleys

Thank You to Our Church Family.

Were you aware that the English word “Thank” came from what is called Proto-Germanic language which combines the ideas of “think” and “memory.” To express your thanks to someone is to let them know that you are thinking about the memory of what they have done. Deborah and I want to thank you – our church family – for your support and encouragement over the past years.

The past few years have been difficult for Deborah and myself as we have been learning to live with my constant head pain, altered life, and financial situation. Since the surgery and accompanied injury to the sinus cavity and brain cavity in June 2016; to my neurologist instructing me to go on medical leave in January 2019; to the Canada Pension Plan putting me on permanent disability (followed by the insurance company doing the same) in May 2021; and to my then officially resigning as senior Pastor, there have been so many times we have asked God the large “Why?” question. We have often prayed for healing, and to this point God has chosen not to heal me.

Despite the questions and emotions there is the underlying knowledge that God is absolutely in control! He asks that we learn to be content in any and every situation we experience. We continue to work at this and, as is normal, some days are better than others.

We want to express a massive thank you for your continual support. We appreciate the words of encouragement, the acts of love, and, most recently the wonderful financial gift! We were overwhelmed at your love, kindness, and generosity. Thank you to those who have recently told us that you continue to pray for us daily – you will never know how much that encouraged us!

Please, continue to pray for us. Pray for healing, for contentment in our circumstance, and for a daily knowledge that God is in control.

With heartfelt love and appreciation,

George and Deborah Ridley

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