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The Book of Amos

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

From the series "The Major Message of the Minor Prophets".

Sermon from Pastor Russ Falk | Worship leader: Deborah Ridley

Passage: Amos 1:1 - 9:15

The prophet Amos lived during times of political stability and peace--which sounds good right?

Sadly, the spiritual condition of God's people during this time was anything but good, and God calls Amos to deliver a tough message to His people.

What Amos delivers is a message about sin as he tries to call God's people back into right relationship with him.

But will it work, and will God's people respond to Amos' message with repentance?

Learn more about Amos check out the video below:

Video will be available Sunday, January 30 at 10:15 am

Do you know you can watch this service directly from YouTube on your Smart TV? Search for the YouTube Channel South Calgary Community Church on your TV's YouTube App.

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