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Who Among You is Wise and Understanding?

Sermon from Pastor Sam Medeiros | Worship Leader: Tawnya Hons

Passage: James 3:1-18

We will explore the whole chapter 3 of the book of James, and you will notice that there is a clear division in this chapter.

The first portion of the chapter is focusing on the tongue (from verse 1-12) and a second portion focusing on wisdom (from verse 13-18). And in between, there is a question. "Who among you is wise and understanding?".

This question binds these two passages together. It is the end of a passage about the tongue and the beginning of a passage about wisdom. We will spend some time exploring how these two blocks of thoughts relate to each other.


  1. The second portion of chapter 3 (James 3:13-18) talks about two kinds of wisdom. Which are they? And how James describes them?

  2. How have you been hurt by someone's words? How have you been helped by someone's words?

  3. In what way words can destroy?

  4. If you would do an auto-analysis of your own tongue (speech). What would be things that God's Wisdom is telling you to change?


Video will be available Sunday, October 17 at 10:15 am

Do you know you can watch this service directly from Youtube on your Smart TV? Search for the Youtube Channel South Calgary Community Church on your TV's Youtube App.

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