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Youth Ministry Report June 2022

It's hard to believe that another youth ministry year just wrapped up!

Lots happened these past 6 months--challenges, blessings, new people, sickness, etc.

Through it all God has been good and God has been blessing our ministry in many ways.

Please pray for our youth--both for the youth that you see on Sunday morning coming to the church & for the many youth who only come on Wednesday evenings.

Prayer is one way that each of you can help & support the ministry in a very real way. Only a work of God can bring about the change and transformation that we desire for each one of them--and that is what we have been praying for.

I am grateful for our team of youth leaders--Adam, Nolan, and Sarah.

They love our youth and faithfully minister to them week after week--please pray for each of them as they work in this ministry.

Thanks for reading this, and you will hear more about the youth semester at the upcoming church meeting!

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