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Youth Summer School, YSS

Youth Summer School starts next week!

But, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself; this could be the first time you are hearing the phrase Youth Summer School. Allow me to introduce you to Youth Summer School.

Youth Summer School (YSS) is a weeklong Bible study for the youth (sorry adults, maybe next time). I suppose ‘school’ is a little misleading though, as this weeklong Bible study has no homework attached!

The Bible study will run July 5-9 from 1-3pm at the church.

Now, you might be wondering what the Bible study will be on. Excellent question. It will be a study on the Holy Spirit.

We start with the basics on Monday: Who exactly is the Holy Spirit? And from there move on to look at the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

Tuesday's topic will be the Holy Spirit in the life & ministry of Jesus. And Pentecost. Can’t forget Pentecost. (that’s a lot to cover in a day…)

Wednesday’s focus is the Fruit of the Spirit & Spiritual Gifts (yes, also a lot to cover. I sense we will be behind schedule)

Thursday is the Presence & Implications of the Holy Spirit for Christian life

And Friday will be catch up—Lord knows we will need it!—and Q&A.

Are we using a curriculum or resource for this study you ask? Yes! The Bible.

Anything besides the Bible? Nope. Just the Bible.

Please join in praying for me & Adam Janzen as we lead the study, and most of all for the youth who will be participating in it.

All youth are welcome, so if you know of a youth who might be interested, don’t hesitate to send them to the church on Monday, July 5th at 1pm.

If you are an adult and are feeling sad about being excluded from this study, don’t worry, just wait until discipleship classes start in the Fall 😉

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