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Re-Affirm Elders in November 2022

As per SCCC’s Constitution & Bylaws, Elders are elected/affirmed to that ministry by the members of SCCC and serve initially for a term of 3 years. At the end of that first term, an Elder is eligible to stand for election/affirmation to serve another 3-year term. However, if an Elder has served two consecutive 3-year terms, that Elder must step down for at least 1 year before being considered again for this ministry.

Here is the situation regarding the current group of 4 Elders:

  • These 3 Elders - Ron Fox, Russell Irodenko, and Derik Simpson - are each serving in their second term which will end in June 2025. At that time, all 3 of these Elders will be stepping away for a mandatory sabbatical of at least 1 year.

  • Craig Edwards is in his first 3-year term which is ending on November 30 2022. Craig is eligible to be re-affirmed for a second 3-year term and has agreed to stand for re-affirmation.

Therefore, the Elders are pleased to present this individual–Craig Edwards–to the members of SCCC as a candidate for a second 3-year term as an Elder.

Instructions to Members

Please review the biography of this candidate (posted below) in preparation for voting electronically on whether to affirm this candidate as an Elder for a second 3-year term.

  • SCCC members will receive an email that will allow them to vote electronically. If you are a member, are reading this post, but have not received a voting email, please contact Craig Edwards at as soon as possible.

  • The voting results will be announced during the November 21 2022 Membership Meeting.

God our Father, we ask for your wisdom and discernment. Amen.


Biography of Craig Edwards

Craig hails from Ontario, the oldest of three sons born to Rev. Harry and Una Edwards. Craig counts it a blessing and a privilege to have heard sound biblical doctrine preached faithfully by his father and to have seen God’s love demonstrated consistently by his parents. Craig accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour at the age of five and was baptised at the age of fourteen.

In January 1974, having completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, Craig came to Calgary. Oil and gas companies were just starting to build their own data processing centres here and Craig joined Shell Canada to get started in an information technology career. Craig met his wife Margie at a Bible camp that she was directing and where Craig’s mother was the guest speaker ;-) They were married in 1977 and have two adult children, Maryn and Kurt. Interestingly, both Maryn and Kurt attended the pre-school program here at South Calgary Community Church.

Living in Calgary since their marriage, Craig and Margie have been involved in ministry at various churches, as a team and as individuals. They have been Sunday School teachers, youth sponsors, choir directors, camp directors, pre-marriage counsellors, and small group leaders. Craig has also done lay preaching and been in several leadership positions in churches (deacon, elder, Chair of the deacons, Chair of the Pastoral Search Committee.) Craig previously served for 15 years as an Elder here at SCCC.

Craig and Margie have attended South Calgary Community Church since September 2001. Craig is currently part of the Elders here at SCCC. He eagerly looks forward to every opportunity for service that God will bring his way.

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