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Adam's Update

Hello South Calgary... Check Adam's update from his Mission Trip to Vietnam.

Dear South Calgary Community Church Family,

As I've now passed the halfway point of my trip in Vietnam, I wanted to provide a short update on how the trip is going so far!

In our first week, we had the opportunity to visit several universities and meet many Vietnamese students of different ages. Some were very good at speaking English, most were okay at it, and there were a few that we struggled to communicate with, but Google translate came in handy haha. This was a very encouraging first week, but also tiring as it consisted of long days while we adjusted to the different food, climate, living arrangements, and recovering from jet lag.

Our second week looked quite a bit different as it mostly consisted of making appointments with the new friends we had made, as well as taking part in group events with the team and local Vietnamese people. This was a challenging week with several ups and downs, but overall, I had great conversations with my new friends, which I hope to continue to build on in the following weeks!

As I write this, I am just starting my third week and although I'm tired, I trust God will strengthen me and my team for the work He has for us in the remaining weeks we have here in Vietnam!

Thank you so much for your support as I prepared to go on this trip, and your continual support in prayer while I've been on the trip. Please continue to pray for me and the team I'm with, as well as the people of Vietnam. God is definitely working here and it's been really encouraging to see that personally!

I have attached the prayer calendar that my team leader made before the trip, just as a reminder for how you can be praying for us each week.

I can't wait to see you once I get back from my trip in a few weeks, and of course tell you all about my time in Vietnam!

Thanks again,

Adam J.

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