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Conquering Covid, Other Crisis, and Fear

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The Growth of Fear

Immediately after Covid-19 emerged in China, the virus began wrapping itself around the world in seemingly unstoppable waves. Lives were turned upside down as some people worked from home while many others were laid off. Children endured on-line school. Hospitals became overwhelmed. Communities were locked down and people quarantined. Along with spreading infections, Covid spread fear.

The past eighteen months of the pandemic is only one type of crisis. Regardless of the type of crisis we encounter, the dominant emotion attached to crisis is fear. Though we can identify multiple reasons for fear, the underlying cause is usually a sense that we have lost control.

Imagine driving through the mountains on a summer vacation. You crest the summit and begin the winding, downward journey. After several curves, you sense the brakes on your car are not working properly. In just a few minutes, the brakes are useless, and your heart rate increases to match your speed. You have a crisis, you are losing control, and fear is taking over.

Our Response

Our first response to fear is to try to regain control, which seldom works because we cannot control other people, situations, or nature.

I believe the key to the linked issues of control and fear is spiritual. The Bible tells us that ultimately, God is in control. One of the more familiar parts of the Bible is Psalm 23 (you can look up the words on-line). The author was writing about God providing, caring for and guiding him to rest and security in the middle of chaos, danger and possible death. It is a reminder that God is in control. Also in the Bible, the prophet Isaiah assures us of the same. God is the “everlasting God” who has no limits (Isaiah 40:28). We can rephrase this by saying that in all ways, God is in control.

Though we may not understand what God is doing, understanding and accepting God’s control fills us with a calmness, strength, and power that we otherwise live without. Isaiah describes it like God giving us wings like eagles allowing us to soar spiritually (Isaiah 40:29-31).

Tips to Help Soar Like an Eagle

1) Know that God understands your fear and wants to help. When you cry out to Him expressing your fear, He understands and wraps His arms of love around you.

2) God loves you. You are God’s creation, and you are valued and loved by Him. In every situation you encounter, even when the world is spinning out of control, remember, God loves you.

3) God is in control. Despite the chaos, have faith that God maintains control. He desires that we have faith in Him, that we believe despite not seeing. Whenever you feel fear tightening its grip, declare to yourself that God is all powerful and in control.

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