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Lifting Request

We are passing along this message from Fiona to our South Calgary family.

Dearest family and lifting partners,

I have a few requests.

1. I need to sell the motorbike that I bought, failed to master driving, and crashed and broke the bone in my leg! I am a danger to myself and others while on it. 😂

2. I now need to buy a small used car. There is a possible one here in Pakse (a 2014 Kia hatchback with under 80k kilometers and for the price of about USD $7k). This is a very good price, but I won't know until tomorrow if it has already been sold.

3. Once we find a car, I need to figure out how to get the money from my account in Calgary to here in Laos to pay for it. It could be quite complicated. I have the funds in my retirement account.

Please ask the father to arrange the buying and selling process.

This week I will begin walking to and from home to the college office (about 20 minutes each way), a couple of times a week to meet with the other teachers and look over lesson plans and texts. Our government Memorandum of Understanding has yet to be finished and signed off, so the earliest I could begin teaching is the end of February (best-case scenario), but I want to begin preparing for the classes now. I am now taking a taxi to and from language school every day. I also hope to take the taxi to a nearby swimming pool a couple of times a week to do aquasize exercises to strengthen my leg. The taxi is not the best solution, as I also need to take it to do any grocery shopping as well, but it is giving me a chance to build a relationship with the driver.

Thanks so much,


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