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Music Ministry Invitation

The music ministry at South Calgary has been developing through this last year and we are ready to invite more members to join us. You're invited! So you ask, what does being part of the worship team look like? What do I need to do? How does it work?

"Let the whole earth shout joyfully to God! Sing about the glory of his name; make his praise glorious." Psalm 66:1-2

Our worship team provides leadership to the congregation to allow us to all sing and praise God on Sunday mornings. We prepare music in advance so that when we are in the Sunday service we can sing in unison and provide music accompaniment for everyone to feel confident to raise their voice (and arms if the Spirit leads).

To participate on the team you do need a base level of music skills. If your skills are still developing we have open times, Tuesdays from 6:15-7:15PM to come and learn to sing or bring an instrument you are learning so that you can gain experience with the songs we sing and how working in the team works. We encourage everyone, regardless of skill level, to come to an open session first to get a feel for what happens.

After our open session, we have team rehearsal on Tuesday, from 7:30-8:30PM. This is for the team members who are preparing for the upcoming Sunday.

We are looking for people who love God, love to share his word through song, are willing and flexible to be part of a team. Please pray, and ask God if this is a way you could serve at South Calgary Community Church. If God leads you, come and talk to Tawnya after a service or email her at

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