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New MINI Sermon Series

This coming 2 Sundays, October 23 and 30, we will have a special MINI sermon series called Silent Killers.

'Silent killers' is a popular term for medical conditions with no obvious symptoms or indications that can progress to an advanced stage before they are discovered. For instance, stress, high blood pressure, or diabetes are often called 'Silent Killers' because they have no obvious symptoms to indicate that something is wrong. They are subtle, stealthy and lethal.

In our spiritual life, we also have spiritual silent killers, that do the same. They are subtle, they are stealthy, and they can deeply hurt our relationship with God.

Among many possible dangerous spiritual conditions we can experience in this world, there are two that seem to be very effective in slowly leading us away from God. It is when you exchange the love for God above all things for, first, the love for yourself, and, second, for the love of the things in this world.

That's exactly what we will be exploring these two coming Sundays. "Loving ME" on Sunday, October 23, and "Loving the World" on October 30.

Get prepared
for this coming Sunday,
October 23,
by clicking the
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