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Reflection on Last Sunday’s sermon

Read bellow this reflection and encouraging words from Sarah Blackmore head of South Calgary’s Missions Committee.

Hello friends,

I (Sarah Blackmore) would like to reflect on Pastor Sam’s awesome Hebrews sermon last Sunday. Let us as a congregation be the bright light of rebirth in Jesus and respond by action to Pastor Sam‘s message!

We do not have the Hebrews “dullness” amongst us, but vibrancy and thriving spiritual health at South Calgary Community Church.

Baptisms and congregational growth is happening! Be a part of bringing God’s people to salvation in Christ, by helping our pastors and mentors. It is just a matter of being vulnerable and humble, allowing God to lead you to someone early in or struggling with their spiritual journey to have a relationship with. It could look like exploring Scripture together once per week, over a cup of coffee and allowing God to reveal himself in new ways to you both.

This is not a book study, but looking at Scripture straight out of the Bible. Let us not be fearful, God promises to equip us!

I can testify to that myself. As the Missions team leader, I did not bring any experience of leading a group of people, who happen to have way more biblical knowledge and corporate team working skills than myself. However, God always provides me with a meeting agenda and has faithfully brought local outreach initiatives to us! We are just vessels, allowing him to work through us. That is all we need to be.

I have been on the receiving end of mentorship and was picked up on my baptism day by my “spiritual mother”. That’s the ultimate of relationship! This can be a confusing time of emotional and spiritual transformation. I most certainly would not be as mature in Christ if it wasn’t for my wonderful mentor who responded with action in 2006. Let us be open to that calling, don’t leave our brothers and sisters on their own. Let’s join ranks with our pastors and tell them that we are feeling called to be a mentor or have already started, or are looking for guidance. This will encourage our dear pastoral team immensely!

It is important that we do not stifle Holy Spirit’s work at South Calgary Community Church!

P.S I am writing this on Tuesday morning,(asking Holy Spirit to give me the words). I do not find writing easy. By Monday, this urgency was fading. Sound familiar?

In Christ,

Sarah Blackmore

Missions Committee

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