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Russian Language Ministry

Dear brothers and sisters!

We are very grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness and kindness. Our God is a good God!

First of all we want to thank you all for giving us opportunity to walk with God alongside your congregation.

Russian Language Ministry has experienced many blessings that where poured into our lives despite a time of worry and trouble for many members. Feeling your love and care for our small church is one of them.

This semester we were studying small prophets and epistles to Timothy and we believe God was working in the hearts of many people. Many Ukrainian refugees has come to Calgary opening the opportunity for us to witness and show them God's love.

Today's churches are facing many challenges. It seems that the fight is fears. Both ministers and members have to make difficult choices and their faith is put to the test.

Please pray for us and for yourselves that our love for Jesus would only grow deeper. That our walk with God and commitment to the church would become firm. That we will focus our eyes and lives on heavens. Pray for the unity and love for one another.

Please also pray for the open door for pastor Anatoly to come to Canada as we continue to wait for the decision from Canadian embassy.


Members of RLM@SCCC.

Russell Irodenko

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