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Six siblings in Christ went to be with the Lord

On July 28, six of Camp Caroline's friends went to be with Jesus after a plane crash in Kananaskis. Please pray for their families and churches. "Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep." Romans 12:15.

If you have been following the news about a plane crash on Friday, July 28, in Kananaskis (Mount McGillivray), you probably heard that six young men died in the accident. They had left Springbank Airport on Friday evening, flying to Salmon Arm, BC, to participate at a church event.

However, you may not know they were very involved in their local churches and also served the Lord at Camp Caroline many times in many positions during summer camps. This past week was very emotional for the current summer staff at the camp after receiving such difficult news.

Five of them were members of Harvest Hills church in Calgary Northwest (including their youth pastor, Luke MacKelvie), and another (Adam Laser) was serving the Lord in Rock Pointe Church.

Jacob Brown, Kirk Mealey, Adam Laser and Luke MacKelvie were among the victims.

The RCMP did not release the names of the other two passengers who died in the accident yet.

Please, pray for their families, relatives and friends.

Pray for Emily (Kirk Mealey's wife. She is expecting a baby in early September)

Pray for Jordan (Adam Laser's wife) and their one-year-old daughter Amelia.

Pray for Alex (Jacob Brown's wife) and young Ezra, their four-month-old son.

Pray for Kim, who was recently engaged to Luke MacKelvie.

Pray also for the families of the other two passengers from Harvest Hills.

Pray also for pastor Myron Siemens (Harvest Hills Church) and the pastors of Rock Pointe Church as they minister to the families and church members.

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