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Tech Team Report June 2022

Hi everyone.

First of all, I want to take a moment and thank all the people who have supported us. The volunteers who have poured in their time, skills and knowledge into our ministry. These two years have been years of learning and growth.

As a Tech Team, we always look for ways to improve ourselves and change or alter the things we do. In the coming years, as we continue to grow in skills and abilities through training courses, we plan to keep building on the knowledge we’ve already gained. Seeking God's direction each step along the way, as we believe that God is moving within South Calgary Community Church.

One area that is very important these days is connecting through online services. The first place a person might see or check out a church is through an online service. Spiritual growth is at the forefront of our Christian lives and our goal is to improve our closeness to God, growing together as a group and helping our church do the same.


Jason Slobodian

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