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The Stories of God’s Love

The Stories of God’s Love for The Ladies At The Narrow Road Home.

The Narrow Road Home is a Residential Treatment Centre for women suffering from addictions and dealing with various life difficulties. It was founded by our daughter, Kim- berley Courtney in 2014. As it is a Residential Treatment Centre the ladies are made to feel that they are part of a loving family living together and finding recovery together and worshipping together. We are also part of the family as we are called Nana and Papa which we love and its a Blessing for us to be part of them. Pastor Marg, whom they love, is also a major part of their lives as she counsels them individually at various times during the week in person and on Zoom and shares the love of God with them.

Our weekly Tuesday evening Bible Study that we lead is a time of learning from God’s Word - who God really is and the sacrifice God made by sending His Son. Many of the girls don’t know much about God and to see them learn of His unconditional love is truly an Inspiration. We try and make it an interesting and fun evening with the girls while having Our Father in the center.

There is a genuine feeling of untiy and cooperation amongst the girls as they share the cleaning chores and they thoroughly enjoy taking turns in the planning and preparation of their meals. The financial assistance from South Calgary Community Church helps greatly in providing wholesome and healthy meals for the girls.

One of the many programs offered is a chance for each of the girls to volunteer at the Narrow Road Home Creperie Restaurant. This gives them an opportunity to interact with the Community and to develop some self-confidence and employment experien ce. You are invited to visit this Restaurant in High River. You will feel very welcomed and be able to experience for yourself the miraculous transformation in their lives.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through that church office.

Dennis & Lynda Courtney

Visit The Narrow Road Home Website to read and hear more stories of what God has been doing at this amazing ministry... .

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