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Is Your Shoebox Packed?

National Collection week is almost here! We rely on God to stir the hearts of people in our community to pack shoeboxes that are filled with excitement and hopefulness for children outside of Canada.

As a designated Drop-off Location in southwest Calgary, we are so excited to open our doors and receive all these shoeboxes. The last day to drop off filled shoeboxes is Sunday, November 19th.

Remember to bring any items you have that can be used to fill a shoebox … plushies, toys, school supplies, or hygiene care items like a toothbrush, comb or brush. We need these by Sunday the 12th.

We have openings for you to volunteer – 1 on Friday 17th (1:30-3:00pm) and 2 on Sunday 19th (afternoon).

A truck arrives Monday morning 20th (9:30-10:30am) to take the cartons of boxes to the warehouse. Your help to load the cartons on the truck would be much appreciated!

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