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Kids Day Registration

Kids Day is coming NEXT WEEK which means it's time to register TODAY!

Next Thursday, July 6th. from 10:30AM to 3:30PM is Kids Day at South Calgary.

Before you register, here are the details:

Kids Day is a special day for kids from about Preschool-Grade 6

In the morning the plan is to play games in the church.

What games?

Games involving NERF GUNS

We’ll take a break from shooting each other to have a Stampede inspired lunch & Bible Story

Then, in the afternoon we will head outside to play on the church bouncy castles and end the day with snack.

Register your kid TODAY by clicking the button below and if your kid is bringing a friend along (yes, you are welcome to invite friends) make sure to register them too!

Please note: There is a small cost for this event ($5) to cover the food

Any questions about Kids Day? Please contact me at:

Check out the other post regarding HELP for Kids Day

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