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Sledding & Fun

Don't let the recent dump of snow leave you depressed about the sudden return of winter...seize the opportunity to have some fun in the snow!

Yes, we just had a TON of snow and yes, we have had a couple of days of FREEZING COLD temperatures--but, the weather is supposed to improve this weekend & the snow is going to stick around.

What does all this mean?

Well, it means that Sunday (afternoon of know, after church is done) is going to be an AWESOME opportunity to get outside & enjoy the abundance of snow!

All that to say, we are inviting you (families, kids, or whoever you are) for an afternoon of sledding in the snow, this Sunday, February 26th around 3pm.

We will go sledding behind John Ware school (located in Palliser, near Southland Leisure Centre). It is a popular spot for sledding & has some different hill sizes as well.

Hope you'll join us for this! After all, getting outside is way better than sitting at home complaining about the weather...

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