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Evangelistic Service

We have a special Sunday service planned for the end of February, and here are the details!

On Sunday, February 26th we will take a one week break from our time in Genesis for a special evangelistic service.

What Can You Expect From the Service?

For many of you, this service might not seem any different than a regular service--we will still have announcements, music, and a sermon.

But the difference will be that the focus of everything is evangelistic.

The sermon will include a clear gospel presentation and will end with an opportunity to respond to the gospel message of salvation through Christ.

Why Do We Need This?

Because we have people coming every Sunday to our church who haven't made the decision to turn from their sins and accept Christ.

Also, this specific Sunday is a great opportunity to invite someone to church who doesn't know Jesus.

What Role Can YOU Play?

You can pray, you can invite, you can come.

Prayer is the most important thing you can do--pray for the service, pray for those who will come, pray for the message, pray that the weather doesn't hinder people from coming!

Lastly, your presence at this service is so important.

Even if you don't invite anyone, who knows what opportunities the Lord has for you in talking with people before or after the service?

So, Sunday, February 26th...mark it on your calendar and start praying for it today.

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