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Save the Date...

Save the date for our next Community Dinner May 30th (Actually this time we will do a Community BBQ)

Your Missions team are looking forward to hosting our 4th Community Dinner (BBQ) on Thursday May 30th at 5:30pm.

This is an outreach opportunity to invite our Cedarbrae neighbours to dinner, to enjoy a meal and have table conversation with volunteer hosts from our church. The vision is to welcome guests to our church, to build relationship and most importantly to have an opportunity to share our love for Jesus.

The team are starting to make plans, and would like you to save the date for volunteering your service. More information on how you can help make this a successful event for our neighbours and church will be coming soon.

Your Missions team are: Sarah Blackmore, Derik Simpson, Stephen Blackmur and Yesenia Slobodian. Contact us at

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