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Join Our TechTeam

Do you like technology? If you do… come and join our TechTeam at South Calgary. Our team is passionate about tech and serving the Lord.

Hello everyone,

I’m Jason who oversees the TechTeam at church. We have had a great year with continual focus on growth and increase in knowledge in using our equipment. We look forward to the coming year to grow with God foremost and build on our skills we are developing.

As some of our team members are being called to serve in other areas of the church, we are looking for new members to join the TechTeam.

If you are interested, we would do a basic skill check to ensure you can learn the equipment and technology. No commitment is needed at the start.

Come out to a practice so we can show you our equipment. From there, you can see which area of the TechTeam God has for you and where you fit in best.

Jason Slobodian

If you are interested to help, please contact Jason at

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