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Operation Doll Knit

Tuesday mornings you will find anywhere between 15 and 25 women (sometimes more) in the foyer of our church eagerly and happily knitting dolls, blankets, sweaters and more. The lilting conversation tells you that everyone is happy and glad to be part of this group.

A short time into the morning we have our announcements and updates on what is happening within our group. We conclude that time with a mini devotional called “Thought for the day”. I have for the most time been doing this, using devotionals that will touch our ladies hearts and encourage them in whatever place they may be. This devotional also creates conversation around tables, sometimes quite lively. After one such time, someone did approach me with the statement ”I need help”. We met and I was able to introduce her to Jesus whom she chose to follow.

Many of the ladies do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, but seem to be receptive to what is brought in the devotional. They are very faithful in coming and if possible will make sure that they do not make other commitments on Tuesday mornings.

We have become a family connected by the compassion we have to minister to others. Also we have learned to care for those within our group, sending cards, get well, birthday and sympathy, as well as phone calls when someone has missed a Tuesday.

God has blessed us with many gifted crafters, donations and answers to prayer. Pray for us who know Jesus that we may continue to bring the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit to the conversations of Tuesday mornings.

1 Corinthians:10 13, “Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.”

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