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Sunday School for the Summer

Hi Parents!

Can you believe that ANOTHER school year is already over?

With the summer months upon us, I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that kids' Sunday School during the service will keep going during July & August!

BUT, since it is the summer, there will be the occasional week that we do not have Sunday School, and give the kids the opportunity to stay in the service during the sermon as well.

Worshipping together for the whole service as a family is a special thing.

It provides opportunities to talk with your kids about what they heard from the sermon, and this allows kids to *slowly* get used to what adults do whilst the kids are upstairs doing their own Bible lesson.

As the saying goes: when the cat is away, the mice will play...or in this case, while the kids are away the parents will listen to the sermon :)

One such Sunday will be on July 3rd. On this Sunday, we are planning to keep the kids in the service with everyone else.

One last thing parents...stay tuned during the summer for opportunities for us & our kids to get together, hangout, and play!

Ps. The nursery will remain open uninterrupted all throughout July & August

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